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Who Is The Best Divorce Attorney In Orlando, Florida

Who Is The Best Attorney For Divorce In Orlando, FL?

This is a question that many people have as they begin their search for an attorney to represent them in their family law or divorce litigation. Some would assume that the best attorney would naturally be the most expensive and this is sometimes true. Sometimes, but not always.

Family law and divorce lawyers all come from different backgrounds and have varying levels of experience in family law, personal ties to family law, and different strengths and weaknesses in different areas of litigation. One practitioner who is very skilled at examining witnesses at trial may have weak skills at assisting their client in reaching a settlement at mediation. Or another attorney may have stellar negotiating skills, but gets overly nervous in the courtroom. At the end of the day a good choice is to find a well rounded family law professional who has evenly distributed talents in all the different areas of divorce litigation.

How Much Experience Should My Attorney Have?

This is a question that is not easily answered. This is mainly because there are attorneys who have been practicing for twenty years and have difficulty meeting deadlines, making sound legal arguments, or giving their clients good advice. Conversely, there are family lawyers who have been practicing one to two years who seem to have a knack for this area of the law and resolve cases to the satisfaction of their clients often.

There are many lawyers who are licensed by the Florida Bar to practice law. As with most areas of the law lawyers with many years of experience usually charge more for their time than their less seasoned counterparts. Some firms may charge as much as $500 to $600 dollars per hour for highly qualified attorneys, however, this does not always promise them a better result.

Another factor to consider in answering the age old question of who is the best Orlando divorce attorney is of the years they have been practicing how much of their practice was dedicated to family law versus other areas of law that they work in as well. For example, an individual who has been licensed to practice law for three years who has done only family law will most likely have a better understanding than someone who has been in practice for six years doing criminal, bankruptcy, or other areas of the law in addition to family.

If you are in the midst of family law or divorce litigation then you can call The Law Offices of Sean Smallwood, P.A. to discuss your case with an attorney who can advise you of your options.

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