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Divorce Lawyer For Men In Orlando 

Call A Men’s Divorce Attorney in Orlando FL Who Understands the Special Dynamics Men Face

Dad with child flying kite Orlando Men's Divorce LawyerIf you are seeking a divorce attorney for men and you have a case in the Orlando Florida area then call our office today to find out how we can help. Starting at the initial client consultation, our attorney can explain to you the pitfalls that men face in the divorce process.

As a man facing a dissolution of marriage, it is important that you have a lawyer who understands the allegations that will come from the other side and assist you with a plan for your case that will minimize the weight of the accusations coming from the other party to the case.

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These accusations commonly include; domestic violence, substance abuse, or a wide array of different reasons why your relief in the divorce case should be limited. When allegations are false, there is a very defined strategy behind them that is tailored to minimize your time-sharing, to force you to pay more support than need be, to force you to pay the other side’s attorney’s fees, to leave you with more than your fair share of the debt, and more.

Which Divorce Attorney for Men is Right For Me?

It will be important that you spend some time with any men’s lawyer that you are thinking about retaining for your annulment or divorce litigation. Examine things like how well you get along with the advocate, whether or not they can remember your name, and how well taken care of they made you feel while visiting their men’s law firm as these are all indications of how you will feel during the representation.

Be sure and think about such factors as how much they charge and whether or not they are willing to make their fee refundable in case you are not happy with the representation in case you ever need to seek alternate counsel.

At Our Divorce Law Firm for Men, Our Goal is to Get You the Best Result With Less Stress, in Less Time, and for Lower Legal Fees Than the Competition.

Our staff of family legal professionals is ready to assist you in your Orlando, FL court case. We do this by working hard to make you feel like you are family and by letting you know that your case is as important to us as our own case would be.

At our men’s divorce law firm, our personal definition of a family law firm is a firm where clients feel like family. Call us today to find out why our clients are so happy with our legal services that they refer their friends and family to us.

Frequently asked questions

How much does your service cost?

This is a very common question and since every case is different it is impossible to use a “one size fits all” approach to pricing. What we can say for sure is that our fees are very reasonable compared to those of our competitors while still allowing us to deliver a level of service that will have you feeling very well taken care of throughout the legal divorce process.

Can I hire your firm to file for divorce even if I have never been to marriage counseling?

In cases where the facts require immediate action, such as where kids are in danger or are about to be removed from the jurisdiction, we would consider on a case by case basis, but, generally, we will only take your divorce case if you and your spouse have made a good faith attempt at couples counseling (unless the other side has filed first).

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