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Orlando Family and Divorce Lawyer

Orlando family and divorce lawyerSean Smallwood is an Orlando family and divorce lawyer who focuses exclusively on divorce and family law in Orlando Florida. Case types handled include divorce, alimony, child custody, paternity establishment, relocation, and child support matters.

If you are facing a divorce in Orlando, FL you can rest assured that our compassionate divorce lawyers have helped many clients get results over the years and can help you too. Call an experienced divorce attorney in Orlando, FL Now 407-574-6155

We understand Florida divorce law and work to strategically obtain the best outcome for your divorce or family law case whether by amicable settlement or in a court of law.

Our Orlando divorce lawyer understands the emotional aspect of every case and our law firm pays close attention to protecting children from the damage that legal issues in a divorce or family law matter can inflict.

If you are faced with a dissolution of marriage or other family law matter involving time-sharing with children, spousal support, property division, domestic violence, attorney’s fees, or any other associated legal issue then it is highly recommended that you consult an experienced divorce attorney in Orlando, FL. Call today 407-574-6155

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How Much Should I Pay For An Orlando Divorce and Family Attorney?

What Sort of Strategy Will Orlando, FL Divorce Attorney Sean Smallwood Create for My Case?

When developing a divorce case strategy our divorce lawyers in Orlando Florida will begin from the moment you first call our office. An intake paralegal will listen carefully to the facts of your situation and take detailed notes for the attorney.

Our family and marital legal team will always maintain a caring and professional approach to your situation throughout the intake process.

When you come in for a consultation we will listen carefully to your perspective on the case and will pay close attention to your goals in the case. At this point in the process, we will determine if we are a good fit to represent you on your case and what your odds of success may be.

Next, we will create a strategic roadmap to be followed during the case that is aimed at working the case up in a way that will provide the maximum incentive to the other party to settle the pending legal matters in a way that you are satisfied with.

Depending on how complex the facts of your divorce case are our approach may include intensive discovery demands, depositions, emergency motions to the court, face to face meetings with the opposing attorney, guidance as to proper communication with the other party in divorces involving child custody, and many strategies.

Our goal for representing you for your legal issues is to showcase our litigation skills so that you feel at all times that we are providing the zealous representation in your difficult situation that you expect when you retain our family law firm. Whether your case settles at meditation or goes to trial we will provide the help you need to move on with your life.

Divorce Attorneys in Orlando, FL Explaining All Your Options

We also feel very strongly that many people seeking the best divorce attorney in Orlando, Orange County Florida, and other areas of Central Florida have not explored every possible option to avoid divorce and that is why we encourage every potential client to at least try to seek marriage counseling before finalizing their case.

We also believe that every Orlando, FL divorce lawyer should be advising their clients that a reasonable settlement is in these best interests.

All contested divorce actions will need to go to court-ordered mediation and our experienced Orlando divorce attorney will work hard to achieve an amicable resolution to every dissolution of marriage.

“When people find out that we offer refundable fees I think they realize that they really can trust us as their divorce and family law attorney”

Sean Smallwood, Esq.

Divorce and family attorney Orlando


Orlando Divorce Attorneys Working for an Uncontested Resolution To Your Case

Our divorce attorneys in Orlando Florida will always seek an uncontested path for your case and are experienced in obtaining peaceful settlements without the need for costly litigation. This is part of our commitment to provide the best legal advice when we represent clients who need our help to advocate for their rights.

Other cases will settle after the discovery process at a mediation conference. When either of these happens it means that the remainder of the case proceeds on an uncontested basis.

Uncontested divorce cases still need to go in front of a judge for a final determination of the dissolution of the marriage, but, only one of the parties needs to attend any hearings of this type only last a few moments.

Your Orlando divorce attorney will explain to you that the case can only move forward as an “uncontested” case only when the parties to the case are in complete agreement on all issues.

Any disagreement on any issue would require litigation of your case which is why having a good strategy and an ability to negotiate is crucial to your case. If you need to speak to us just search for “divorce attorney Orlando” and you will find us!

 Call An Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Orlando Today

Whether you have a divorce, marital, or other family law issue sometimes there is no other choice for parents other than to involve the divorce courts.

Orlando family lawyer Sean Smallwood is familiar with a wide array of legal issues and strategic maneuvers that need to be addressed in your family law case in order to maximize the odds that you will obtain the best possible result while spending as little in attorney fees as possible.

Parents who are going to court need to remember that regardless of any emotional hurts they may have toward the other party the courts will be looking to make sure that everyone’s conduct during the case is going to benefit the best interests of the children involved in the case.

Sean Smallwood, P.A. - Orlando Divorce Attorney

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  • Contested Divorce
    Contested Divorce

    Mr. Marsee handles all types of divorces and family law matters. His negotiation and litigation skills allow him to efficiently and effectively represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces, in complex divorces involving substantial assets, and in highly contested custody issues. His prior investigative experience in questioning people and analyzing facts is extremely helpful to him in the courtroom.

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Family Law

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Contested Divorce

As a divorce lawyer in Orlando, we are often are tasked with many highly complicated legal issues to tackle in a dissolution of marriage litigation. The list of these legal issues is extensive and if any of the following apply to your case then you need an experienced family law attorney on your side.

Sean Smallwood, Esquire

Sean Smallwood, Esquire

Sean Smallwood is a family law and divorce lawyer for the Law Offices of Sean Smallwood, P.A. where he represents clients in all areas of family law and divorce. 100% of the practice is devoted to family law. As an attorney, he has helped many families with a wide variety of family law cases including Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, and many other issues.

He has been recognized with awards for pro bono volunteering and has been recognized by Orlando style magazine as one of Orlando’s legal elite, Superlawyers, 10 Best Attorneys in Client Satisfaction, AVVO Superb rating, and many other recognitions.

Service to the community is another area where Mr. Smallwood excels, giving regular motivational speeches to underprivileged youth in conjunction with the Florida Department of Corrections in addition to offering a college scholarship contest to help students pay for their education.

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