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Category Archives: Uncontested Divorce

How to have an Uncontested divorce in Florida

How To Make Sure Your Divorce Goes Uncontested

By Sean Seansmallwood |

  I have been a divorce attorney in Orlando, FL  for a long time now and in all my years I have witnessed just about every type of argument or allegations that you can possibly imagine. I have heard people accuse their spouse of being alcoholic, violent, of having anger management issues, allegations of… Read More »

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What To Do If The Lawyers Are The Only Ones Fighting

By Sean Seansmallwood |

In this video, I answer the question “what should I do if the divorce lawyers are the only ones fighting in my case?”   This is actually more common than you may think. It’s a situation where you and your spouse may be getting along pretty well and are possibly agreeing on many of… Read More »

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puzzle pieces

Uncontested Divorce in Florida: When Is It the Right Option?

By Jay Butchko |

When you hear the word “divorce,” what do you imagine in your head? Is it two soon-to-be-former spouses yelling at each other in court, their children crying, and indifferent judges banging the gavel against a wooden table? Well, it does not have to be this way. More often than not, divorces in Orlando and… Read More »

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divorce mediation -min

Florida Family Mediation Enables Couples to Control the Outcome of Their Divorce

By Sean Seansmallwood |

The divorce cases in the tabloids go to trial, but that does not mean that yours will.  Likewise, the simple, painless divorce in which you and your spouse simply file forms, sign a court-issued divorce decree, and find yourselves single again is not an option for everyone.  What do you do if your divorce… Read More »

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Difference Between Uncontested and Contested Divorce

By Site Administrator |

There are Two Main Types Of Divorce That Attorneys Deal With Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the term divorce and that it marks the end of a marital relationship. What most people do not know is that there are different types of divorce which are dependent on the facts of a person’s… Read More »

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