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Baby Prenups in Florida: What is it and Do You Need One?

By Sean Smallwood |

An increasing number of parents-to-be in Florida are signing the so-called “baby prenups,” but many expectant parents are unfamiliar with the phenomenon of signing parenting contracts. Many expectant parents praise the idea of signing “baby prenups,” while others consider it a bad idea. After all, these parenting contracts remind couples that their marriage may… Read More »

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prenuptial agreement and pets

Prenuptial Agreements: Myths and Facts

By Sean Smallwood |

Magazines about weddings often contain articles about potentially contentious issues that couples should discuss early in their marriage, or even before taking their marriage vows.  Almost everyone, from magazine editors in the wedding industry to your long-married elderly aunt can agree that you can avoid many conflicts if you and your spouse can agree… Read More »

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