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No way out

Can I Still Get Divorced In Orlando if My Spouse Will Not Sign The Papers?

By Sean Smallwood |

One issue that divorce lawyers in Orlando Florida, deal with occasionally is the situation where one party wants to get a divorce, but the other party does not want the marriage to end. This can be a very sensitive situation and divorce attorneys in Florida need to be delicate in how they approach the… Read More »

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Sabotage income Florida alimony divorce

Sabotaging Your Income to Reduce Alimony is a Terrible Idea In Orlando Florida Divorce

By Sean Smallwood |

Finding out how much of your money will immediately go to bills and debt payments is enough to make your good mood on payday short-lived. Many people employ the questionable personal finance tactic of earning less in order to pay less, or at least appearing to earn less. Certainly, no one can blame restaurant… Read More »

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