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Marital Debt and Marital Misconduct

Where is the Dividing Line Between Marital Debt and Marital Misconduct?

By Sean Smallwood |

Debt has ruined the marriages of many couples, including some who had every intention of honoring their wedding vow to stay together for richer or for poorer. Sometimes the constant stress of having to decide, on every payday, whether to pay for groceries or utilities, while the debts just keep getting bigger even as… Read More »

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divorce involving support of adult children

Disagreements Over Financial Support for Adult Children in Orlando Divorce

By Sean Smallwood |

Even when you are generally happily married, disagreements about parent-child relationships can lead to hurt feelings. It is easy for your spouse to vent jealousy by taking cheap shots about you trying to turn your child into a mama’s boy or a daddy’s girl. Then there are the disagreements about specific incidents and issues… Read More »

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