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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Child custody and visitation

Temporary Relief Issues In Divorce

By Sean Seansmallwood |

In many divorce cases, it often becomes necessary for the Orlando divorce attorneys to file and argue over temporary relief. Temporary relief basically describes the process of requesting an order of the court that addresses important items in the case such as alimony, child support, attorney’s fees, and visitation on a temporary basis. This… Read More »

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relocation and divorce

What If I Need to Relocate With My Kids During My Divorce?

By Sean Seansmallwood |

One of the most difficult issues that Orlando divorce lawyers and judges have to grapple with is whenever one of the parties to the divorce action needs to relocate a long distance away and desires to take the children with them. This is because it is impossible for a divorce judge to award equal… Read More »

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