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Orlando Family Law Attorney Sean Smallwood Reviews

Before we hired Sean a few years ago my wife researched heavily to find the best attorney. I will admit I was hesitant when she told me the price and how amazing he was but I trusted her decision that he was the man for the job. We hired him and I can honestly say he was the right man for the job. He is very affordable compared to other attorneys. He is also very knowledgeable and honest he will tell you straight up the the worst outcome possible and the best. His office always answer the phone and emails in a very timely matter. We believe he is the best in the business.

~ Travis Owens

Outstanding Service

I initially used Sean for my divorce and needed him to follow up on an ongoing issue that my Ex did not follow thru with. After his quick response and a letter to her, the matter was resolved quickly. I would not hesitate to use him again if needed, also would highly recommend him to anyone that needed his services. Thanks Sean for everything

~ Karl

When I met Mr Smallwood I was desperate, underprepared and facing challenges that were bigger than I could handle in my pending divorce. I’ve had consultations with a few lawyers and all of them gave me the same vibe that made me feel dirty after leaving their meetings. The only outcome I wanted was to have fair time sharing with my now 2 year old son. At the time I met with Mr Smallwood I was only able to see my son twice a week. I didn’t want to do anything petty or overly aggressive or try to get more than what’s fair. Mr Smallwood was not only compassionate and reassuring and professional, but he was honest, genuine and shared values of mine which gave me comfort and confidence in him.

I wasn’t an easy client to work with at times. Yet time after time, Mr Smallwood and his staff (special shout-out to Amelia for her enormous amount t of patience with me) consistently went above and beyond to help me and never did he or his staff make me feel uncomfortable or unwanted.

By God’s Grace and the enormous amount of time and effort Mr Smallwood and his team put forth I was able to have a successful outcome in court and finally start this new chapter in my life. If you’re reading this while being on the fence about hiring Mr Smallwood, I pray that this helps you confidently say yes to allowing him to help. I’m grateful to Jesus for putting Mr Smallwood into my life to help with this case at exactly the right time. I will also always be grateful for Mr Smallwood and his team for helping me when I didn’t deserve it or couldn’t afford it at times and helping me be able to be in my son’s life significantly more.

~ Tap Water

Excellent attorney

I hired Mr. Smallwood for my child support/custody. Mr. Smallwood is an Extremely professional attorney, He does what he says he is going to do. If you ask him to do something he will guide you in the direction that best suits your needs, and will always do what you want him to do. He is very affordable and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him.

~ Daniel

I hired Sean about a year an half ago. We had previously used him for husband so knew he was the best. When I got served papers for my child I was a hot mess the first thing my husband said was to quit crying and call Sean. I called Sean’s office whose staff stayed on the phone with me to calm me down while on the phone I sent Mr. Smallwood an email the office assured me they would have him call within an hour. Mr. Smallwood set up a meeting my dad went with me. My dad was very skeptical at first of me hiring him even though he knew he was good from our previous experience. After sitting in his office listening to what Mr.Smallwood had to say and reading a magazine he was featured in my dad knew he was the right one for the job! I was very needy in my case and not once did his staff or himself complain or sound aggravated with me. Mr. Smallwood was very aggressive with my case and was putting up a great fight helping protect my child. When I was given a one day notice from my child’s bio father that he was willing dismiss the custody case and allow my husband to adopt but he wanted all the paperwork to sign the by the following night. Mr.Smallwood and his team jumped on it and had me all of the paperwork in one day. My custody case turned into an adoption case and was handle very quick and efficiently. This is not something they had to do that quick but they knew how important it was for family. I will forever be grateful for Mr. Smallwood and his staff. If you are looking for an attorney he is the one for you. Very affordable, honest, and knowledgeable.

~ Sharon Owens

Great Divorce/Custody Lawyer. Highly Recommended.

Sean is very kind and understanding. he works very well not with his clients but with all parties involved to achieve the best results. He handled my divorce and custody and I can honestly say I am tremendously pleased with the outcome! His prices are very competitive and he does his best not to nickle and dime you.

~ Anonymous

Sean Smallwood and his staff were wonderfully kind, attentive, courteous and effective. They made me feel like they took my case very seriously at all times. They always returned phone calls and worked with me to be sure that I was completely comfortable every step of the way. I would recommend Sean Smallwood and his staff without hesitation.

~ Elizabeth St. Hilaire

I have to say that, being my first experience in a family case I could not have had better luck in finding a great attorney like Sean. My case was extremely difficult and when I hired Sean it was at a point that all the options and odds were completely against me and he made it clear from the beginning. He was the only person that gave me a little bit of hope that I needed as a Father to fight for my daughter. Also, he was very flexible and understanding with me and his rates were completely reasonable for the amount of work, dedication and strategic planning that he invested in my case. His dedication and humane and sincere attitude inspired me to pursue a career as an attorney myself and I have begun the steps to do so. Sean I want to publicly thank you for helping me on my case, I know its what you do but not a single time you gave me the impression that I was just a client because you and your amazing staff like Amelia which I very much thank you for having her made me feel like family.

~ Benjamin Miranda

Amazing Attorney!

Amazing attorney! Successfully resolved both the cases he represented us on! Very confident and personable! Treats you like a person and not some criminal. Very helpful! Would recommend him to anyone seeking legal help!

~ Ally

Professional, Bold And He and His Team were Fast on my Case and Got me a Verdict in my Favor. I highly Recommend Him and His Law office. Again Thank you so much! And I Thank God For you and your team!!! Awesome !!!!

~ Prophet Lauro Adame

Mr. Sean Small wood & his team are amazing people. It was my first time going through a child support case not knowing anything. Mr. Sean took his time to educate me on my rights as a father & advise me on the Necessary steps to take. They worked around my budget financially, time management & were very quick on responding back to all my questions. Amazing team. 5-stars all the way

~ Rafael Hernandez

My divorce case started against long odds, and Sean let me know that. But he dedicated himself to getting the most favorable outcome possible. I felt confident in his handling of the case as he always kept me informed and made himself available for any concerns I had. He also treated me as more than just another case number. but was genuinely concerned about me leading up to and during the hearing. I feel blessed to have had Sean as my attorney and would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.

~ Paul Wendle

Sean Smallwood Best Attorney Award!!!!!

From the moment I met Sean Smallwood I knew he was the attorney for me. I interviewed several attorneys (some much more costly than Sean) but I had a comfort level with Sean that I did not have with the others. The “others” made me feel like “just another child support case” and with Sean I feel he truly cares. Child support/custody is a huge factor to most Moms and our children come first, so picking an attorney that cares and that you feel will fight for you and fight for what’s right is extremely important. I HIGHLY recommend Sean Smallwood Law, we need more attorneys out there like him!

~ Amy

I have nothing but great stuff to say about Sean. He is very personable, knowledgeable, his presence is inviting and he makes your case feel like his own. His meticulousness to detail in my case was clutch, which turned out to be a huge favorable turning point for the results at mediation because of a discrepancy in financials from the opposing party, one that could have been easily missed if the right questions weren’t asked. Without getting too detailed and from my short experience dealing with him you can tell that Sean really loves what he does, takes his job very seriously and he makes his client’s concerns the preface before any major actions. Apart from the seldom delayed responses from his team after trying to address some issues, my overall experience from beginning to end was fantastic and would highly recommend Sean for any family cases, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

~ Keron Brown

Sean does a great job giving his client that time and compassion they deserve during what is undoubtedly a difficult time in their lives. Keep up the good work Sean!

~ Stephan Babb

Sean Smallwood is a very knowledgeable attorney, he wasn’t able to help us but gave us Some great insight and direction. If I ever need a family law attorney, HE IS THE MAN!!

~ Asia Thomas

Sean and his team were a blessing, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to be a part of my children’s lives, I will forever be grateful for them. I went from being able to only see them a few hours a week to 50/50 custody. Thank you so much.

~ Kurt E

I believe I got the best possible out come and I am very happy with the service Sean provided. He was very professional and I would definitely recommend Sean !

~ Jennifer Vuervo

Sean Smallwood is a amazing lawyer. he was there for me every bit through the process explained everything to me in detail. I’m pleased to call him my friend also. great lawyer great friend!!!

~ Andrew Hutchison

Amazing experience with Sean and his staff. Phone calls/emails are ALWAYS answered quickly. They really care about you and what you are going through! Leyia Sean’s paralegal couldn’t have been better! I highly recommend this law firm!

~ Lisa Giles

Sean supported me on my child support case and did a amazing job! Him and his team are very educated and professional. They always kept me updated on my case and were very fast responding to emails and calls. Sean himself is very kind, outgoing and confident. I recommend this firm to everyone. I will definitely contact them when ever in the future I may need thier expertise. Thank you sean and your team!

~ Angel Limery

Sean represented my husband in his child support case. He was our first choice and we knew after hiring him and spending time with him he would be the best in our situation. From the minute you enter his offices in downtown Orlando till you enter the court room you feel a very relaxing and very comfortable atmosphere. Sean really took his time in explaining everything and making sure we understood all aspects of the case and how it was going and what could happen and what could not happen. We are extremely happy with the outcome of our case and lets just say : YAY!!!!

Sean is an incredible attorney and a great person. He has a family sense of doing things, a brilliant mind and a great sense of humor. We highly recommend him and will be hiring him in the very very near future to fix a couple things on another case we have. PS…. He is extremely affordable too!!! We Thank you Sean and all your wonderful employees at Sean Smallwood Offices!!!

~ Jessica Donawald



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