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Orlando DOR Child Support Lawyer

How Can An Attorney Help With My Orlando Department of Revenue DOR Child Support Case?

Child support actions in Florida can begin in two separate types of courtrooms: circuit family law courts and in front of hearing officers where cases are filed by the Florida Department of Revenue. A parent who finds themselves served with a petition for child support by the DOR will usually experience a very short confusing process to receiving an order of child support in addition to swift enforcement for nonpayment of child support regardless of the reason for the nonpayment. DOR child support cases are run in accordance with a section of the Florida statute that governs these Title IV child support cases.

Hearing officers and Department of Revenue attorneys are very accustomed to dealing with litigants who are not represented by attorneys and are not aware of the ins and outs of the administrative child support process. For this reason, it is recommended that anyone who has a pending child support matter in either the circuit family law court or before a hearing officer filed by the DOR seek the advice of an experienced child support attorney who knows the process and who regularly represent clients in these types of proceedings. Not every attorney who practices child support law in Orlando will understand the workings of these types of proceedings.

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Why Do The Department of Revenue DOR Attorneys File Child Support Petitions in Orlando, Florida?

There are several reasons that a child support action may be filed, however, the most common reason that our attorneys see in with the DOR is state benefits. This is because in the state of Florida the numbers of single parents applying for food stamps and Medicaid are very high and these programs cost the state a great deal of money.

In an effort to reduce the public’s need for these expensive benefits applicants for food stamps and Medicaid must disclose if they have a child, if the child lives with them, whether or not the other parent lives with them also. If both parents do not live together then the state will automatically seek child support against the other parent.

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How Can Attorney Smallwood Help With My Department of Revenue DOR Child Support Case?

Much of the time this process works to help parents needing financial assistance and works to save the state money. However, all too often this overburdened and underfunded process can cause parents to pay child support when they should not, cause parents to rack up huge amounts of back child support, and lead to loss of driving privilege and even jail time for parents who are unable to pay.

Attorney Smallwood can assist you in the process of defending your case as your Orlando Department of Revenue Child Support Attorney. Whether you are a respondent being served with a petition or if you are a petitioner who needs more assistance than the DOR has provided our office can help.

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