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spouse empties the bank account in a divorce in Orlando

What To Do If Your Spouse Empties The Bank Account In A Florida Divorce

By Sean Smallwood |

One of the most common early issues that come up in Orlando divorce cases occurs when one of the parties removes money from a joint bank account without any warning to the other party. There are two common ways this happens, one is generally permitted by the courts while the other can get a… Read More »

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How to divide retirement accounts in Florida divorce

How Are Retirement Accounts Divided in Divorce in Florida?

By Sean Smallwood |

Anytime a married couple gets divorced in Florida they must deal with certain property issues. One of the more common property division issues that divorce lawyers in Orlando Florida contend with is that of dividing retirement accounts. The most common types of retirement accounts divided in divorce include the 401(k), IRA’s, and pensions. What… Read More »

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